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About Resource Solutions Corp.

Providing Fair, Fast, and Friendly Recycling Services

Madison, Wisconsin

Appleton, Wisconsin

Resource Solutions Corp., established in 1988, has over 100 years of combined experience in the recycling industry and is dedicated to providing fair, fast, and friendly recycling services to individuals, communities, businesses, schools, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

We care about the environment and understand the importance of environmental and ecological preservation and helping communities meet their recycling needs. Come visit us at any one of our many community recycling events around Wisconsin.

In 2006 we opened RecycleThatStuff in Appleton to provide recycling services to the Fox Valley/ Appleton/Green Bay area offering the same fair, fast, and friendly recycling services that we offer in the Madison area. Our Appleton office provides fast and convenient services, such as coming to you, weighing your materials, and paying you on the spot!

Resource Solutions Corp. is an E-Cycle Wisconsin registered computer and electronics collector and recycler through the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. We are your solution for all of your Computer and Electronics Recycling needs. As one of the first companies in Wisconsin to accept electronics for recycling, we understand how important it is to recycle responsibly. We are determined to help ensure that computers and electronics do not end up in landfills.

We recycle all types of Scrap Metal including copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, batteries, and many more. We offer pick up services and can provide you with Certificates of Recycling to meet your recycling documentation needs.

We also provide quick and easy Dumpster Service for all of your home or business Construction, Remodeling, and Clean-Up Jobs!

We are always looking for novel and innovative ways to make it easier and beneficial for you to “do your part” in preserving our limited natural resources, and protecting our delicate, and priceless environment. As we are always trying to expand our services to meet your recycling needs we welcome your ideas or questions — We are here to serve YOU!

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